Shesvii Art & Watercolours

Unique art and handmade plastic free watercolours.

"We all start painting our life journey on a blank canvas."

I'm Sofía, a Spanish artist that finds inspiration in every corner of this journey that is life.

It could be said that my works consist of a harmonic combination of illustration and loose painting when it comes to technique, regarding subject and influences, those may vary.
Exploring the beauty of the female body with a touch of fantasy and surrealism is my preferred subject choice.

I'm also a paint maker. Visit the shop to know more about my high quality handmade watercolours!

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Are your handmade watercolours vegan friendly?

Yes, my handmade watercolours are vegan products.
I use cruelty free ingredients. Shesvii's handmade watercolours don't contain honey, they don't contain ox gall and no animal sourced pigments are used.

Are your paints lightfast? (Lightfastness ratings)

It depends on the pigments used. I do lightfastness tests for all my paints and I rate them myself using a scale from I to IV (I being poor, IV being excellent).
Here you have the full list in alphabetical order.

List of lightfastness ratings:
Pearlescent Mica (PW20) LIV
Arylamide Lemon Yellow (PY3) LIV
Monoazoic Red (PR3) LIII
Dioxacine Pink (PV23) LIII
Ultramarine Blue (PB29) LIV
Indian Blue (PB15) LIV
Pastel Sea (PB15, PW6) LIV
Caraïbes (PG7, PY3, PW20) LIV
Mint Green (PG7, PW6) LIV
Brentonico's Green Earth (PG23) LIV
Midas'Touch (PW20, PY3, PR101) LIV
Tír Na Nóg (PG8, PW20, PY3, PB15:3) LIII

Kiss me Pink (PV23, PW6) LIII
Yours (PR3, PR122, PW20) LIII
Lover's Night (PR12, PV23, PW20) LIII
Cocoa Dream (PR101, PG8, PW20) LIII

Lavender (PV15, PB29, PV23, PW6) LIV
Cerise cream (PR122, PW6, PR102) LIV
Chick yellow (PY3, PW6) LIV
Mint Green (PG7, PW6) LIV
Pastel sea blue (PB15, PW6) LIV

Starlight Blue (PB29, PW6, PW20) LIV
Pink Champagne (PW20, PY43, PR102, PV23) LIV
Tír na Nóg (PG8, PW20, PY3, PB15:3) LIII
Midas'Touch (PW20, PY3, PR101) LIV

Abyss (PB15:3, PV15, PBk11) LIV
Arylamide Lemon Yellow (PY3) LIV
CyberPink 2022 (PW20) LIII
Deep Dusk (PB15:3, PV15, PR101) LIV
Orange Sherbet (PY83, PR3, PW20, gold foil) LI
Orión (PB15, PV19, PB36) LIV
Pink Gold (PV23, PW20, PW6) LIII
Primary Red (PR122, PV23) LIV
Raw Sienna (PBr7) LIV
Sleeping Beauty (PG7, PV23, PW20) LIV
Teide (PBr7, PBk11, PR3) LIII
Ultramarine Blue (PB29) LIV
Unicorn Magic (PW20, PY43, PR102, PV23, blue ink, holographic glitter) LIII
Violet Brown (PV15, PR101, PV23) LIV
Witch Dust (PB29, PW6, PW20) LIV

Stepped on a bee (N/A, waiting for manufacturer's reply) LI
Mega Pint (PR122, PBk6) LII
Objection Hearsay (PB29, PB27, PBk6) LIII (It contains PB27 Prussian Blue which fades but can recover if put on a dark place for a couple of weeks)
Muffins (PY43, PR102, PBr7) LIV

Ultramarine Blue (PB29) LIV
Dioxacine Pink (PV23) LIII
Disazo Yellow (PY83) LI
Caraïbes (PW20, PG7, PY3) LIV
Sea Salt (PW20) LIV
Sea Sand (PY43, PR102, PW20) LIV

Do you make custom colours?

Yes, I do! Please contact me through my Instagram at @shesvii_watercolours or through the Contact page on my website.

How does shipping work?

I ship worldwide.
The fixed price for worldwide shipping will be automatically added to your cart once you complete your order.
I ship the parcels using the Spanish post office Correos.
For reference, it takes around 5 days for an order to arrive to Germany and around 20 days to arrive to Canada.

I purchased your Paper halfpan guide and didn't receive a file. What do I do?

This is a common error people are experiencing. Please do not hesitate to contact me through the Contact section of my website or through my Instagram at @shesvii_watercolours.
In case you didn't get the option to download the PDF tutorial and stencil, I'll happily mail it to you.

What are the payment options available?

Right now the only payment option available is PayPal.
Safe, quick and easy.

Where are you based?

I'm a Spanish artist and paint maker based in a small town near Madrid.
In short, I live and work in Spain, Europe.

Why do you use clove oil on your paints?

Clove oil is a natural preserver and fungicide that keeps mold away and helps the paint stay wet and healthy.
Plus it smells good!
  • Castilla-La Mancha, Spain